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Pre-Easter outing April 3, 2010

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So, Mike has a big family compared to mine…I have my mom and younger sister who live in St. Louis but Mike grew up here and so his entire family still lives here and they are extremely close.  Due to previous job, I was unable to attend most family functions because the life of a retail manager is working all kinds of crappy hours.  Now that I work a 9-5 Monday through Friday gig, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  Back to my story…Mike got up early today and made his famous peach cobbler…damn, it’s sooooo good.  We trekked over to his Aunt and Uncle’s house and of course, were the last ones there.  We mingled, laughed, ate dinner and yummy desserts, watched the kids play outside in the backyard and last but not least, had a good old fashioned easter egg hunt.  It was adorable to see eight kids running all over the yard looking for “their” color of eggs.  Of course, my camera’s batteries died on me, even though I tried the camera before we left the house…it’s the “camera curse”, I tell you!  Tomorrow is Easter at my mom’s house.  My sister’s fiancee, Jerry, is in town from New Jersey so we will be able to spend time with him.  Night all.  xoxo Megan


One Response to “Pre-Easter outing”

  1. k8 Says:

    well, you sometimes forget about your ‘other mom’ and baby sister!

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