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Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday April 13, 2010

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I love Tuesdays…over the nasty back to work week Monday day and almost to hump day…it’s just a fun day of the week!!  Today’s topic: co-workers who annoy me.  There is a co-worker who I will call SWF (Single White Female) and she is a very bad, bad co-worker…she is at the top of the annoying list…why, do you ask?  Let me count the ways:

1.  If you are supposed to be at work at 9:30am that means you should be at your desk, ready to work and clocked in…this doesn’t mean waddling in at 9:32, 9:35 or even 9:37am.  If I can be on time, why can’t you?

2. Stop asking me where I got my purse, my shoes, my dress, my pens….stop asking me what I ate for lunch, what I did last night after I went home, what book I am reading at lunch time, who I am calling on my break…Don’t talk like me, don’t dress like me, don’t wear the same nail polish as me, don’t touch me and most of all, please don’t skin me and wear me!  Enough, Bridget Fonda!!

3. When I am speaking to someone else (I would be “A” and the other person would be “B”, do not under any circumstance give me your opinion, eavesdrop or butt into my conversation.  I do not like you, never have and never will…stop trying to be my friend…get over it and get over yourself…you are annoying and that is why I dislike you…

4. When I am on the phone or speaking to my boss, do not stand behind me and correct me, give me advice on what to do or be anywhere close to me anymore…you are like a hemmorhoid and I don’t know what else to do to you…I’ve been nice, I’ve been mean, I’ve ignored you, I’ve been real mean, I laid it out on the line that I do not like you…so why must you still be around me?  What do I need to do for you to get the drift?  Perhaps a punch in the throat, a karate chop to your knee caps…let me think of some more ideas…

Have you ever worked with someone that you literally just can’t stand?  They make you want to throw up?  That is what I have here folks….and to think I haven’t even shed light on my joke of a “supervisor” yet….   xoxo Megan


One Response to “Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday”

  1. k8 Says:

    SFB’s twin…separated at birth!

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