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Is it wrong to have a crush on your 57 year old surgeon? April 30, 2010

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I am going to say “no” because he was the best ever…actually every single person I encountered today at the hospital was nice and pretty much treated me like royalty (I expect that treatment from all people, but rarely does it happen!)  I didn’t have to bitch slap anyone or put anyone in their place today and it was kind of nice!  I’m sure you want details so here they are….

I didn’t sleep well at all last night because of nerves and Mike was up almost the entire night (he has a lovely sinus infection).  My alarm went off at 4am, I got up and took a shower.  I couldn’t wear makeup or jewelry and I did the wash and go hairdo, so needless to say, I wasn’t a pretty sight!  After saying goodbye to my doggies, Mike and I left for the hospital at 4:40am and arrived just a few minutes before 5am.  My mom met us there and she was all dressed up looking cute and had her coffee and was chirpy…too chirpy for 5am!!  I was signed in and given a pager to give to Mike and my mom so they’d know my status at all times (these bitches mean business at St. John’s!).  I was taken back to a private Pre-Op room which I must say was very, very swank.  I got to put the gown on and a hair net shadoobie and I must say I was looking very dapper!  Everyone and their uncle then came in (the OR nurses, my lovely surgeon, Dr. Easley, the drug man (aka anaesthesiologist), nurse for my iv, nurse to take my urine sample, nurse to take my blood sugar level, nurse to take my fever and check my heart and the list goes on…. The 2 hours passed quickly and I had to say goodbye to Mike and my mom and after doing so, I promptly bursted into tears.  I was doing so well all along and then the water works came on and wouldn’t stop.  I was wheeled into surgery and the last thing I remeber was them asking me if I was comfortable…

Surgery lasted a little over 3 hours becasue they were able to do the laparascopic surgery (hooray hooray).  I have 5 porthole incisions that are huge, red, bloody, grody shadoobies right now, but will heal into nice, clean, tiny scars, according to my boo (aka my surgeon).  I woke up and apparently I was amusing the nurses with my mumbo jumbo talk and asking for a brownie over and over and over again!  I was in recovery for about an hour or so and then moved to a private room again (so loving it because I don’t do well with roommates or annoying people).  The anaesthesia was waring off and I told my mom I think they broke my right shoulder.  I couldn’t even move my fingers my shoulder hurt so bad.  I started tearing up from the pain…it was worse than my incisions.  The nurse came in and informed me that the machine they used on me in surgery is called the Da Vinci machine and the surgery was basically done with me on my head…it’s the best angle for the machine to cut into me.  The gas that they blow into my nether regions travel like gravity and it must of had a pocket in my shoulder.  I have taken Gas-Ex and Percocet and my shoulder is literally more sore at this time than my stomach and vajayjay.  The nurse said the gas needs to work itself out of my body and could a few days….this is the first time I am not enjoying having gas!

After I got up and walked to avoid blood clots and made a big pee-pee in the toilet I was allowed to go home.  Mike is amazing and I am so thankful that the surgery was a success.  Four weeks of no work should be a lot of time for me to craft and scrap…so loving it!!          xoxo Megan “Easley”


3 Responses to “Is it wrong to have a crush on your 57 year old surgeon?”

  1. kate Says:

    OMG, I can FEEL your gas bubble! Your description is so vivid, it brought back the nightmare!!! Happy to see that the good doctor didn’t remove your sense of humor! Call me if you need anything. xoxo

  2. Nancy Says:

    Hi Megan! I’m soooo glad everything went okay!!! It seems like you are in very good spirits! Keep up the humor – it’s the BEST medicine. Call if you need anything. Will talk to you later.

  3. Jaymie Says:

    I don’t see nothin’ wrong…with you having a crush on your Doc!!! Sooo glad to hear your surgery went well. Sounds like it was a lot of “fun”!

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