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Bored, bored to tears, boring days, can you tell I am bored? May 6, 2010

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I have never been one for relaxing, unless I am on a tropical beach somewhere with cocktail in hand and laying in the sand.  I love to go,go,go all the time.  From the moment I get up in the morning, I usually will stop somewhere for a fountain soda before work, work all day, go out after work for a drink or dinner or go shopping or scrapbooking…I like to be busy and I like to have my days be filled with fun activities.  I feel like I am getting zero accomplished by laying in bed sleeping my life away or staring at the tv when I could be outisde at the park with my doggies. 

I haven’t been able to do that for the past week and it is killing me.  I am going stir crazy.  I can’t walk a lot without getting tired or being in pain, I can’t drive…I feel like an invalid living in a old folks home being fed my three meals a day and being given my meds…so not fun. 

I can’t believe that me, Ms. Road Rage is actually missing driving and being surronded by stupid drivers and of course laying on the horn!  Please let the next weeks fly by…please!      xoxo Bored Little Megan


One Response to “Bored, bored to tears, boring days, can you tell I am bored?”

  1. Kathryn Benedict Says:

    we at B.I.T.C.H appreciate you not writing that you are “bored bored”.

    while i appreciate your situation i feel it necessary to point out the obviously positive aspect of your current situation which is that you are aware and have published “a lot” instead of “alot” or “allot”. you should take pride in the fact that, while not completely mastering the english language, you have at least proven that you have above a 5th grade understanding of grammar….wrote the person who writes in all lower case letters.

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