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Julia Child, I am not August 11, 2010

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Ok, so since I am not working right now, I thought I’d show my husband that I can do all the stuff he used to do around the house…I never should think that way…never, ever, again!!!  I didn’t know how lucky I was and how spoiled I was…I used to work full-time and come home to dinner and laundry done.  Now, I spend my days cleaning, doing laundry, the dishes and attempting to cook edible meals.  I have no time for anything else…being a housewife sucks the big one!!!

Monday I made tortellini and toasted ravioli.  It was yummy.  Tuesday I made chicken quesadillas…gotta love my quesadilla maker…one of the best wedding gifts we got!!  The quesadillas were yummy as well.  Tonight I made Jambalaya…it was eventually yummy after my drama.  I hardly know a thing about cooking so I rely on my mom for every question I have.  She told me how to make the chicken breats in the oven for the quesadillas and the chicken was kick-ass…so tender you could cut it with a fork…so I followed the exact directions for the chicken tonight because I wanted to have chicken and sausage in the jambalaya.  Things start out great…I am reading the directions and doing what I need to do with the rice and the sausage, yadda, yadda, yadda…I am watching the chicken oh so carefully and when it’s done, I use my fabulous glove pot holders from Target to take out the pan of chicken…I am literally an inch from the stove where I am going to set the pan down and all of a sudden the glass pan explodes and breaks into a million and four pieces.  I lost two of the chicken breasts, there is glass everywhere on the stove, the counter, the floor and Elvis, my “special” dog, won’t leave the kitchen because he sees a piece of chicken on the floor.  It is covered in glass, mind you, but Elvis doesn’t care…he eats rocks for dessert, why would glass bother him?  I start crying and yelling at him to leave the kitchen and he won’t…I’m afraid he’ll eat glass or step on it and he’s playing games with me…finally Mike comes home and he sees all hell breaking loose and sees me crying and take over.  I cleaned the floor up while I finished the meal…thank goodness the pot of jambalya had the cover on it the entire time so no glass got inside.  I think this is my last meal for awhile…hello soup and microwave meals!


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