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Middle of the Year Resolution July 17, 2011

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I love reading blogs. I do it every day. So why can’t I find the time to update mine? Good question. I have some middle of the year resolutions and keeping up with my blog is one of them. The other two are to start scrapbooking weekly and to start exercising, even if it’s for 15 minutes a day. Let’s see which resolution I break first!

There is a lot to catch you up on; too much so I will start off with a pissed off rant about today. My dear friend Kim is in town until this Wednesday because her mom passed away. Mike and I wanted to see her, her daughter Katie and Kim’s dad before they left. I called our friend Kevin to go along because before Kevin got married, him, Mike, Kim and I would hang out. We all decide to go to Tucker’s Place in South County. Tucker’s is known for their good food and reasonable prices and I have never had an issue with the location by my house in West County. We all meet and sit down and our waitress seems normal. The busboy, bless his heart, was a total doll and worked his ass off refiling drinks, bringing extra napkins, dressing, etc. We get the bill all on one ticket. We ask for the bill to be separated into three bills and this is where the waitress gets a little coockoo for cocoa puffs. She brings one bill out again but separated it by our meals. The first group of four leave a $10 tip, Mike and I leave a $6 tip; both of our groups pay in cash telling the waitress no change is needed. Kevin and his wife, Dawn, are about to put their bill on their credit card when the waitress asks if she can charge the rest of the tip on the credit card as well as Kevin and Dawn’s meals. I was confused and asked her what she was talking about…she tells me the table still owes her $11 in tips besides the $7 tip she wants Kevin and Dawn to add to their bill. WTF? Not wanting to make a scene, I hand over another $20 to her and she gives us $9 back. Now, I am no mathmetician, but we gave her $10, $6, $11 and $7 in tips; totalling $34.00. Now I am outraged because this chick has scammed us. I look at the bottom of the receipt she has circled the 20% tip guide that says $24.12 for a tip but she is making us fork over $34.00 in tips. I ask to see a menu again and the waitress mysteriously disappears. A menu is brought out and at the bottom it states that if your party is 10 or more, a 20% gratuity will be added to the bill. We didn’t have 10 or more in our party and since when in the hell do you decide on what tip percentage you are going to receive?? By this time smoke is coming out of my ears and I am seeing my next years in an orange jumpsuit because I am going pummel this chick, so my darling husband takes charge and goes to see the manager. The manager is shocked that the waitress charged us an automatic gratuity since we only had 8 people total and goes to find the waitress to question her. She lies and claims she didn’t make us pay her any amount of tip, blah, blah, blah. It’s our word against the whore’s since we paid cash. The manager claims he is going to take the money out of this waitresses paycheck, but who really knows? Waiters and waitresses deal with money 24/7 and can add and subtract like no other people….she knew what she was doing; she was trying to screw us; and that she did. The manager gives us a $25 gift certificate for another meal. I don’t want that…I want the $17 tip I just gave this stupid whore. We gave her a $17 tip on a $38 bill and she still had the original $10 tip from Kim. Kevin and Dawn, who paid by credit card gave her zero tip. What I take away from this experience is don’t ever pay cash and don’t ever eat at the south county Tucker’s Place. Oh, and don’t trust whores who are waitresses!


One Response to “Middle of the Year Resolution”

  1. K8 Says:

    I have missed your rants so much! PLEASE keep up with all of your resolutions! Anything I can do to help, let me know…scrapbooking, yes! Just let me know when & where!

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