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Poster Child for Grossest Customer…ever! July 25, 2011

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I am beginning to think my cute, little blog is a way for me to rant and rave. With that said, I encountered the nastiest customer this past Sunday. Nasty customer will be NC, nasty customer’s daughter will be LP for little pig and SF will be nasty customer’s scary friend. All three came in together and LP was soaking wet. NC said they just went to the zoo and got wet. Since when did the zoo have water rides?? NC said she wanted to pick out some school clothing for LP and a new outfit for today since she was soaked. LP went into the dressing room with a bunch of clothing and found a pair of pants and tank top that she put on, along with a new pair of underwear from a pack of three pair. The remaining two pair of underwear were left in the package and placed on the counter with a headband that NC said she was going to buy. LP was approximately 7 years old and having tantrums every six seconds because she didn’t like SF picking out things for her, she wanted a pretzel and NC was taking too long in the store. About 15 minutes into their shopping expedition LP breaks into a tantrum to top them all. LP and NC were standing right next to my sales associate so she heard everything. LP was apparently crying because the new underwear she had on was too big and she didn’t like it. WWANMD? What would a normal mother do? Buy the three pack of underwear and keep them for when she is a little bigger, since the LP was already wearing the one pair for 15 minutes. But no, here in Missouri, where you can act like a dirty, white trash, hoosier, piece of crap and get away with it, she decides to let the LP take the underwear off and then proceeds to fold them and put them back in the bag. Not. Kidding. My sales associate tells me what happened and I put the bag with her pile of clothing. NC checks out and tells me she is not going to pay for the underwear. I tell her she is. She tells me she isn’t. Guess who won?


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