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Diet soda September 25, 2012

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Why is Diet Pepsi so much better than Diet Coke, EXCEPT at McDonald’s?  It is a fact that the Diet Coke at McD’s is addicting…just look at my bank statement for $1.06 purchases there several times a week.  They have to be putting crack or something inside…If loving diet soda is wrong, I don’t want to be right.  Amen.


I love fall September 13, 2012

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Fall is my favorite time of year.  I wish summer would end today. I shouldn’t be complaining about the weather here in Misery, it’s been nice the past week or so…80’s and sunny.  Back to fall…I love it for many reasons:

1. My birthday     2.  Sweater weather     3. Pumpkins     4.  Hot chocolate     5. Falling leaves

Halloween is an awesome holiday.  I was supposed to be born on Halloween but I was 3 days early.  Weird that I am a Scorpio but I am terrified of spiders.  Anywho, I love to decorate the Roberts’ casa for any reason; season, party, it’s a Tuesday…but Halloween and Christmas are the top two times I go all out and really spruce up the house.  Mike always makes fun because I put out Halloween the day after Labor Day and Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  I have so much stuff to put out (tee-hee), that I want to be able to look at it as long as I can.   Here are some pictures of the family room with my beloved trinkets.  Enjoy!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage