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Come and get to know me April 3, 2010

I am very opnionated.  I am a Republican.  I love, love, love milk chocolate.  I don’t like milk or orange juice with pulp.  I have been married for seven years to my husband, Mike.  I have three dogs who are my babies; Chaos, Elvis and Sophie (who I love to dress up in cute clothing…she even has a bikini!).  I work full-time and enjoy my weekends and evenings off.  I don’t like hot weather and love the a/c on so low that you could hang meat from the rafters.  I had Lasik eye surgery and don’t regret it or miss my contacts and glasses.  I have a handbag obsession and change out my purse almost every single day.  I enjoy reading books, magazines, newspapers, blogs…anything I can get my hands on’ I’d rather read than watch tv.  I am diabetic.  I don’t like salt or butter on my food.  I love diet Pepsi.  I love to scrapbook and “collect” scrapbooking supplies.  I love to shop in stores and online.  I love to take photos.  I love to change my nail polish color on a regular basis.  I am addicted to the 3M Dust Remover; my keyboard loves it too!  Swedish fish is the best candy ever.  My idol is Elsie Flannigan.  I love to travel.  I am terrified of mice.  I love to play in the ocean.  I am fabulous!


One Response to “Come and get to know me”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Megan – You wrote a perfect bio about yourself!!!! Just like I remember.

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